Tuesday, March 18, 2008

win this tote bag!

Blog posts will be few and far between this week, as my big brother and my niece are visiting us. I've promised my niece that I will spend lots of time with her digging in the sand at the beach, and as such, I will not be making many bags. To tide you over, I give you the gift of anticipation! The anticipation of possibly winning a free tote bag! As mentioned in a few other posts, I made a wee mistake on this tote bag:

It was supposed to have straps of the same color vinyl as the bottom. In my first ever mistake at sewing (what? you don't believe me?) I grabbed the wrong set of straps and sewed them in, not realizing what I'd done until I turned the bag right-side out and finished the topstitching at the top. As I proudly showed it to Lorne (as I do with every single thing I make, even if I've just made two of the exact same item), I saw my error. This must be the price I pay for "mass-production." (I've started cutting fabric out for multiple bags at once and sewing things in stages, not just one bag at a time. It's probably as mass-produced as anything made by one woman sitting at one sewing machine could ever be.) Anyway, it's not a horrible mistake, as you can see - it's not like the black straps clash horribly with the bag - so instead of ripping the whole thing out, I left it as is.

It has lovely pink, black, white, and orangeish innards. Do you like it? Do you want a chance to make it yours?

All you have to do is this: post a comment in response to this post that answers either a) or b) below before Wednesday, March 26.

Questions (answer one...or both!):
a) What have you seen on this blog that appeals to you the most?
b) What is your favorite color pairing?

That's all. Then, next Wednesday (March 26) I'll use a magical random number generator to pick the lucky winner. Lucky winner will then have to email me his/her address, and I'll drop it in the mail post haste.

P.S. This is a small tote bag. I forgot to measure it last night, but I'll post dimensions when I get home. I just wanted to get that out there so that in a week and a half the winner doesn't get all up in my grill about the bag being smaller than what they expected.

Tote bag size: 10.5" tall, 10" wide, 3" deep

Also, to answer Miranda's question - relatives can definitely enter the contest, seeing as how random number generator is doing the picking for me. Also, it's my contest. I'll do what I want.


Bethany said...

A) I love your tote bags the most!

B) I am a sucker for brown and blue. So something with that brown vinyl and a cool brown/blue fabric.


Miranda said...

First of all...are relatives disqualified? Second:
1. I love the coin purses
2. Red and Pink.

Elyse said...

A) I adore the knitted clutches.

B) I like various combinations of green and purple.

Joanne said...

I love your blog!

a) George (oh, and your totes of course)

b) black and white

Meegs said...

Yay, so excited for your contest... pick me random number picker!

a) What have you seen on this blog that appeals to you the most? Obviously I'm a fan of your totes... but I also love your smaller knit purses.

b) What is your favorite color pairing? I'm a big fan of blue and brown together, and also black with a bright color like blue, green or pink.

Angela said...

A) I love your tote bags!

B) I love green & brown and blue & brown combos.

Megan said...

1. The tote bags!

2. Bright "summery" colors and polka dots and stripes!

Rebecca said...

A) I love all the great striped fabric you find.

B) Red with black, white or pink. They're all tied for my favorite. And them more stripes the better. I think my favorite fabric is the stripes that have dots along them in this bag - http://noisystuff.blogspot.com/2007/09/i-think-im-turning-japanese.html. So fun!

Kristina said...

a) I love the Georges and cut-outs.

b) Black and any other color, but I did strangely like the brown and mod fabric purse.

JoAnn said...

1. I love your bags that have the little peek-a-boo inserts. (ala George Washington)

2. I love the green/brown color combos.

Pick me, pick me! :)


Jenny said...

A. Love love love the wedding clutches.... when you've lifted your moratorium on making new things, I'll be sending in a request!

B. My favourite combo was on the clutch you made for Ali - the lime green with the orange cut out birdie.

Samantha said...

A) i love the tote bags!!

B) my favorite color pairing would have to be hokie orange and maroon. or red, white and black.

Melissa P said...

a) What have you seen on this blog that appeals to you the most?
-The different fabrics that you use for the totes- love the color combinations and the bold patterns, and the new ideas that you come up with.

b) What is your favorite color pairing?
-pink and blue (that bird print bag).

Nicole said...

A) I love the knit clutches! I'm pretty partial though, because I love mine. :)

B) Fuchsia and orange, and I love me some polka dots right now.

Tilly said...

A) Tote bags
B) Teal and brown

Great items!

Soil said...

A). I love the cutouts that you make on the totes (especially the cupcake and I also love the knitted clutches.

B). I like the way the brown vinyl combines with pink fabrics.

Mara said...

Hi Noisy-
A) I adore all items knit. I just began to knit, and love it, and look to you as both an inspiration and an aspiration.

B)This is a tough one for me, because I love all of your color combinations. For me, I am always really even more impressed with your eye for fabric patterns. You pick these wild fabrics, that in my everyday life I would never put together and they look kick ass. As for colors, I love when you use really bright, saturated colors that scream 'look at this effin hot bag.' I think my fav is the green knit clutch from Sept.

Susan said...

1. I love the tote bags, and the little knit clutches

2. I am digging the green/brown combo. I also like fabric with birds on it.

casablancabride said...

A) I love the knitted clutches. They are simply fabulous.

B) I like the green/red orange combo that was done on Ali's bird bag.

Flann said...

a) What have you seen on this blog that appeals to you the most?

1. George Washington
2. Tia's red/black bag
3. You make me laugh, between the Brad Neely Washington quotes and things like "Lorne suggested I get an upholstery needle. WHAT THE HELL IS AN UPHOLSTERY NEEDLE LORNE?!!?!?!"

b) What is your favorite color pairing?
Apple/spring green and deep chocolate brown or blue-greens. Basically my bag or Joanne's bag (especially her innards).

J and E said...

A) I love the tote bags, but the knitted clutch bags run a close second!

B) I really like bright spring colors, greens, yellows, pinks.

(um, I think I failed the word verification, but if I didn't then I'm sorry for posting twice!)

Melissa's blog collection said...

a) That would be like picking a favorite child - even if you have a favorite, you never admit it for fear of slighting another. I would proudly carry anything I've seen on this site.

b) I am biased, but my favorite bag is the one you made for me - the brown vinyl with the geometric print

Terri said...

a) why, the apple cozy, of course!

b) I love pink/brown combos

Vicki said...

A) I love the tote bags. When you take orders again, I'm going to place one definitely.

B) I like the color of the one you made for Melissa in a BBQ

Emi said...

A) The amazing fabrics and the tote bags

B) Dark brown, light grey, and something bright like lime green or orange

And, since you don't know me, I'll add that I'm an occasional NEY lurker

SJJS said...

A) I love your fabric combinations

B) Blues and greens

linds said...

a) I LOVE the knitted clutches!!

b) Right now I am into browns and pinks.

Tiffany said...

1) I love the tote bags. And the cupcakes--too bad you can't really ship those.

2) I like brown and blue but I'm more attracted to print than color. I like the mod graphic prints (like Melissa BBQ's) best.

Hannysma said...

A) Dig the cutouts on the bags and coin purses

B) Green and brown

Becky said...

A) I love your tote bags. Cute and functional.

B) Black and white or fushia and grey.

ps. are you considering making diaper bags?

Michele said...

a) I really love the Japanese fabrics! and the knitted clutches - they are adorable too!

b)pretty much brown with any light color! (pink, blue, green, yellow)

I'm glad you liked here from gmail or else I wouldn't have known you were doing this!

Anonymous said...

A. The cutie patootie bird cutouts.

B. Pink and well anything. Yep smack my thick ass and call me proud.

Love Mod.

Flo said...

Hope this isn't too late!

A) I love all of it. I am not crafty at all and it's amazing what you can do. If I had to pick I would say the totes, which is probably why I ordered one :)

B) I really like the red/orange combo.