Tuesday, March 11, 2008

a short break from totes

Andria is getting married at the end of the month and thought the knit clutches I make would be a nice gift for her bridesmaids. I took a break from all the tote bags I've been making recently to knit these up for her.

The pink one seems to change color depending on the light. I took this picture last night as soon as I'd attached all the handles.

And then took this one (and all the others that come after this one) this afternoon when I stopped at home to pick up the bags I was shipping out tonight. Interesting.

I like the lining for this one. It's cherry blossoms with little birdies on them, though I think the way this one turned out, there's only one bird showing (and not in this pictures).

Here's the red one. I like the way the stripes turned out on it.

And the innards for the red one.

And the green one. I guess this one looks different in the daylight as well.

And the lining for the green one.

It was nice to take a break from all the sewing - the way our living room is set up, my sewing area is perpendicular to the television so I can't really watch anything while I work, but when I knit I can sit in front of the TV while I work. These were made while watching lots of Law & Order, Deadwood, and the Jason Bourne trilogy. It's fun to be a productive couch potato.

The cats have a new fun game to play. It's called run in front of the camera every time I'm about to take a picture. I think this is George.

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