Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bethany's Wedding Clutch

Bethany is getting married two weeks from Saturday! Bethany is hilarious and fabulous, and the day before she leaves for her wedding, we're meeting up with her in Phoenix to watch some Spring Training baseball and go to the fun bar where you grill your own meat outside. When we see her, I'll give her her little wedding clutch.

She asked for an envelope clutch, and there it is. It's more shiny looking in real life.

My original plan was to use little magnetic snaps for the closure, but the magnets I got were ridiculously strong and the fabric is really light, and I got concerned about it ripping when Bethany tried to open it. The only other thing I had that would work was velcro, so I tried that. It does the job in holding the bag closed, but it doesn't look as nice as the snaps would have. Why were the tiny magnets so freakishly strong?!

I really like how it looks closed though.

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Anonymous said...

Loverly, as always, Noisy P!

~ bloomie