Monday, March 10, 2008

geometric goodness

I've posted a lot of pictures of totebags in the last billion months, but there will be a short reprieve, probably tomorrow. I made three knit clutches over the weekend, but I haven't attached the handles yet. While I was waiting for the finish on the handles to dry, however, I did finish sewing up this tote bag for Melissa. I know her from the internets, where her screen name is melissainabq. For months I misread her name as melissainabbq, until it was pointed out to me that her name was a reference to where she's from (Albuquerque), not some bizarre inside joke about being trapped inside a barbeque, as I had thought.

Anyway, Melissa is getting married in April and wanted to give a tote bag to her maid-of-honor. She told me a little about her maid-of-honor's style, and I sent her some pictures of fabric, and she picked out this lovely geometric number. This is my favorite fabric right now. It's just so...mod. Or something. I wish I'd bought more of it when it went on sale in December. I didn't realize how much I'd like it when I found it on the internets.

And the innards. I also am a big fan of this stripey fabric on the inside.

P.S. As much as I hate turning the clock forward for daylight savings time, at least it will help me take more pictures that don't suck.

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Melissa's blog collection said...

I love it! She will too - if she ever gets it as a gift. It may not make it into her hands.