Sunday, March 16, 2008

my fancy scissors

For Christmas my brother- and sister-in-law, Nate and Miranda, got me these awesome scissors.

They're hand-forged carbonized steel with brass handles. They were made in India by a woman named Parveen, who is a part of a family that's been making scissors forever. And they're fair trade! How do I know that Parveen made them?

She signed them, as you can see here (sort of, thanks to my crappy picture). I didn't realize how crappy my other scissors were until I used these for the first time. My crappy scissors that came with my Learn to Sew kit have been relegated to snipping thread, until tonight.

I've been using the fancy scissors so much that the screw thingy that holds them together is starting to stick (I'm sure it can be fixed with a little oil, which I'll try tomorrow). So tonight when I was cutting up some fabric for Totebag Insanity 2008 I had to switch back to the old scissors. Oh my god. They're terrible. They take longer, they feel weird in my hand now, and they just don't cut well. Really though, how could my crappy scissors from my crappy several years old Learn to Sew kit even dream of competing with scissors that have been hand-forged? Just the word "forged" probably makes them shiver a little bit, kind of how you shiver a little when you hear the story of the One Ring being forged in the fires of Mordor.

Oh...that's just me? Sorry, I'll go back to my nerd closet now.


Grant said...

Wait, does this mean that you must undertake a desperate journey to overthrow the Dark Lord Parveen by casting the the scissors into the metal supply store from whence it came? If so, can I be Gimli? I think I'd be good at stalking around grumpily.

Also: how did I end up in your nerd closet? IT MUST BE A PORTAL.

Lori said...

I apologize for any part I may have in Totebag Insanity's all part of the master plan for Penguin world domination, you know. Seriously, thank you again!