Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Six Foot Twenty

I have mentioned before that I love Brad Neely's Washington, Washington video. All of my friends love it as well. So I made this bag for my BFF Alison's birthday.

Ali's birthday is actually in April, but I forgot to take pictures of the bag before I gave it to her. And she lives in Seattle, so I haven't actually seen it since April. She brought it with her to Lake Tahoe this weekend though, so I took the opportunity to document it for posterity.

Here is a close up of George. This image was taken from the line in the video, "Six foot twenty fuckin' killing for fun." If you haven't watched it (why haven't you watched it? I gave you a link to the video TWICE), this is just one of the many facts you will learn about George. He also invented cocaine, was made of radiation, and saves the children (but not the British children).

Here is the inside of Ali's bag. As you can see, it holds a notebook and some eyedrops with plenty of room to spare.

By the time I was finished with it, I kind of wanted to keep it. I wasn't sure the George jigsaw vinyl applique was going to work, but it did. I was quite pleased with myself. But I am a generous soul, so George and I parted ways. Alison treats George very well. He was in as good of condition this weekend as he was in April.

Besides, I already have one George in my life.

Two might just be too much.

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Michelle Stacey said...

noisy, this bag is "smoking"!