Thursday, September 06, 2007

wedding purse

This bag is pretty much the complete opposite of the Washington bag in my last post. From vinyl and guns to satin and lace. Anyway, Andie is getting married in October. She has a gorgeous ivory lace Jim Hjelm dress with a black sash.

Andie's beautiful dress.

She asked me to make a round, ivory lace bag to go along with it, with some sort of bright color for the lining.

My craft dresser is just as glamorous as the Jim Hjelm fashion show. Yes?

I haven't actually worked with lace before. Or satin. Or whatever the ivory stuff was that I put under the lace. But I had enough that if I made a horrible mistake, I would be able to start over without making another trip to the fabric store, so I dove in.

A terrible picture.

I tried to take a closer picture of the lace here. You can see more of the lacy detail here, but the color is washed out. I've been doing much better in my picture taking lately, but obviously I still don't really know what I'm doing. (Kyle gave us instructions over the weekend, but I forgot how to set the camera the right I just took pictures instead of bothering Lorne or calling Kyle. I'm kind of lazy.)

This picture is also not the best, but you can see the underside of the handles here.

Purse innards with little snap.

I love the color of the lining. As you can see, it's a really bright blue. I used a small magnetic snap at the top so the purse will stay closed; the snap is pretty tiny, but the magnets on those babies are fairly powerful. I was afraid that if I used a larger size the fabric would rip when she tried to open it.

I was actually a little terrified to make a wedding purse. Andie seems pretty laid back and cool, but some of the most normal people can go kind of insane during wedding planning, especially if something isn't exactly what they envisioned. I sent her the pictures before I put the blog up, just in case it turned out to be not at all what she wanted. But she liked it. Phew.

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