Thursday, September 27, 2007

I think I'm turning Japanese.

I really think so.

My friend Heidi, who is super awesome, really liked the big half vinyl bags I've been making and asked me to make one for her. Heidi is into Japanese art and found this fabric from Japanese fabric designer Mame-Yakko.

one side of Heidi's bag

I really like the little mushroom looking things. I have no idea what they are, but I find their shape to be pleasing. They remind me of the goombas in Super Mario Brothers.

the innards

You may have guessed from the linings of other things I've made that I like stripes. And I do like stripes. But my first love is polka dots. And this amazing fabric manages to combine both stripes AND polka dots, all in one place. It's busy and kind of funky, but so is Heidi. I mean funky in a good way, not in a "Heidi doesn't shower enough" kind of way. Heidi smells quite good. She shares my obsession with Lush.

the innards' innards

You may notice that both pockets are a little off center. However, I did that on purpose. No, seriously, I did. No real reason, I just thought it looked neat.

the other side of Heidi's bag

P.S. I thought briefly about using this other Japanese fabric for the lining, so that Heidi would feel like she was on an acid trip every time she tried to get her keys out.


Anonymous said...

The mushroom lining would have been a nice juxtaposition -- "Mushroom: Two Interpretations, Side by Side." Also, the off-center pockets are acutally kind of useful, at least in the big part of the pouch -- you can keep stuff you grab most frequently in the smaller pouch, so it's easier to find. -- bloomie

Heidi said...

I am in love with my new bag and I totally agree with your characterization of me, "Funky and busy." This is exactly how I will describe myself from now on. I can't wait to get my bag from Kyle.