Sunday, July 15, 2007

washington, washington

One of my favorite things ever is Brad Neely's George Washington video. I found this video to be incredibly informative and enlightening. I feel that if you watch it you will probably feel the same way. My love of this video combined with my love of my home state, which also happens to be Washington, inspired me to create this coin purse.

George Washington's profile is on all state highway signs in Washington. When I was little my family used to drive from Seattle down to the Oregon coast during the summer. The last highway sign before the really long bridge across the Columbia river to Oregon had been defaced. At age six, I was convinced that this was the height of comedy.

This isn't the sign we saw, that one has since been cleaned up or replaced. This sign has been modified with the amazing power of Paint.

Handlebar moustaches are still funny to me. I didn't give him one on the coin purse though. Maybe next time.


alison said...

i like it. my idea for your next coin purse- one with a handlebar mustache cutout.

K said...


I love this bag. I would love to purchase one from you to wear at my bridal breakfast.