Saturday, July 14, 2007

sewing area

I posted pretty much this same blog on my myspace blog, but since it directly relates to the making of stuff, I will also post it here.

While I was up in LA last Saturday visiting my friend Tammy, Lorne's plan for the day was to get new tires for my car. Imagine my surprise when I came home around 11 and saw this:


A few months ago, on my birthday, Lorne rearranged our dining room to turn it into my sewing area. The kitchen table became my sewing table, all my supplies were all organized, my books were lined up under the window. And last night Lorne bought and assembled this dresser to surprise me when I got back.

He also cleaned up my table, which was a huge mess. Oh, and see that awesome green lamp? He bought that too.


Sewing and knitting library on top of the dresser:

The yarn drawer:

The fabric drawer:

The work-in-progress and finished item drawer:

And the whole area in the daytime:

Lorne rules. I am super lucky.

Also, I failed to mention in the other blog, but the orange bag up on top of the dresser is one I made for myself. It looks pretty much like the bag made for Heidi (a few posts below), but it's orange. I love orange.

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Lisa Eastman said...

What a sweetie! Gold star for Lorne!