Saturday, August 25, 2007

Alison likes birds.

Ali (from Jersey, not Ali from Seattle) liked the little blue birdie bag I showed here. She asked if I could make her a clutch version. Sure, I said, I can do that. She asked if I could make it green. Sure. I aim to please. She wanted a zipper, and a thinner little handle. Ali is extremely demanding. I kid, I kid. I love Ali. So here is the limey green clutch, with an orange cut-out bird and an orange zipper.

The inside has a little patch pocket, in case Ali likes to keep whatever form of lip goo she uses separated from the rest of her purse innards (like I do).

The zipper is orange, not pink like it looks in this picture.

I had trouble with the handle on this one. I broke three needles on my sewing machine while trying to sew the many layers in. After the end of needle #3 disappeared into the dark, uncharted nether regions of my sewing machine, I decided to reinforce the seam by hand.

And, like the handles on the gigantic tote bag I just finished, I managed to injure myself while working on them. This time I didn’t give myself blisters. Oh no, this time I stabbed myself three times...with the back of a hand sewing needle. Not the sharp part, the blunt end where the thread goes through. Having a blunt needle end go through the base of your finger is kind of unpleasant, much like stabbing yourself with a butter knife but doing it hard enough to break the skin. I had to take a few breaks to wait for the bleeding to stop so I didn’t bleed all over Ali’s bag. Thank goodness I just had a tetanus shot last week. Also, I can’t find my fingernail clippers, so when I used the thimble to push the needle through all the layers of vinyl, I also bent my too-long-to-be-inside-a-thimble thumbnail backwards. (I didn't think anyone would want to see a picture of my backwards thumbnail, so I chose not to document that for posterity in the blog.)

Sewing is always an adventure. is for me.

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alison said...

awww, it's so CUTE! i love it! sorry it gave you so much trouble. bad birdie. you should punish it by packing it in a dark box and shipping it across the country. that'll learn it.