Monday, November 06, 2006

pursey goodness

I haven't posted pictures of things for awhile, but not for lack of making things. Well, I didn't make much after getting back from Seattle on Monday night. I started a scarf on the airplane with some really pretty Jo Sharp yarn I got at Churchmouse on Bainbridge, and I worked on nothing but that all week, only to find on Saturday that I hadn't bought enough yarn for how wide a scarf I wanted. This is why I need to plan projects out before I just go buying pretty yarn willy nilly. Now I have to scour San Diego for Jo Sharp yarn.

Anyway, here are some new things:
blue vinyl birdy cut-out purse
tealy blue vinyl purse with birdy cut out
I enjoyed working with the vinyl. Vinyl is fun. But I used a normal needle on this and normal thread, and I suspect I should have used a leather needle and upholstery thread. I have purchased those items for my next adventure with vinyl. I'll keep you posted.

inside of vinyl purse
innards of birdy purse (the pocket is a little high)

red clutch for Tiffani
red clutch for Tiffani

inside of red clutch
innards of red clutch (I haven't attached handles yet)

blue parallelogram purse
blue parallelogram purse

inside of parallelogram purse
and the innards

red purse for Heidi
finished big red (Heidi's birthday present)

red purse
the wood is not so glaringly white in real life

innards of red purse
and the innards

green diagnol purse with ribbon thing
green purse with pink ribbon thing

better picture of ribbon
better image of pink ribbon thing

innards of green purse
innards of green purse with pink ribbon thing (this one still needs handles too)

orange purse with future lining
this will be pretty much like the big red one, but orange

green purse with future lining
and pretty much like the teal one, but green and with different stripey lining

Living in a one bedroom apartment and using that one bedroom to sleep in and store things like clothing and a bed means that the dining area has become my sewing area. And it's become a rather messy sewing area. All the fabric I buy tends to stay in the bag it came in on the dining room table or on one of the dining room chairs. I have a big brown bag of yarn in a closet (with a tear that is ever-increasing in size) and another plastic bag of yarn on the shelf above the brown bag. My ribbons sit in a pile on the table, finished or half-finished projects are usually on the ironing board, and all my little supplies, like my pin cushion and lint brush I use to clean the sewing machine are wherever I sat them after using them last. Thread and bobbins are in a drawer in the living room (when I leave them out the cats like to eat the string). After finding Gracie fast asleep in my swath of interfacing on Saturday, I decided that I need to organize things.

Much of Sunday was spent hobbling (thanks to my messed up ankle) around the cavernous innards of Target and Home Depot for organizing and making supplies. We got some big plastic bins (one for yarn and one for fabric) and a little plastic drawer thing at Target (along with lots of various other non-craft-related crap), and some wood, sand paper, and varnish stuff at Home Depot (after spending about a half hour trying to find the dowels) for purse handles. I also got a utility knife. Yay!

Perhaps I will post before and after pictures of the clean up effort. Perhaps not.

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Heidi said...

I really appreciate that my purse is named "Big Red." I use it a lot.-Heidi