Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Margie!

My little sister turned 19 yesterday. I failed to finish her present in time to send it up to arrive on her birthday. In fact, I failed to finish it until today. Anyway, I made her a little tote bag that looks suspiciously similar to the green tote I made myself a few months back.

Lorney took these pictures after I finished up with the sewing so I could go sit in a cold bathtub for awhile - it's been ridiculously hot here the last few days. The tote is on the chaise lounge thingy we stuck in the baby's room. The stripes on the chaise are dark blue, but the bag is dark purple. Just in case you were confused.

Margie is in her first year of college at UW. I mentioned how smart she is last year when I made her this pillow for her graduation. Well last quarter she 4.0'd all her classes. So she's still a nerd, and I'm super proud of her.

If my remembory serves me right, Margie is a fan of polka dots. I used purple vinyl because (1) I liked how it looked and (2) it's one of her school colors. Go Dawgs.

Margie rules, and I hope she had a really great birthday yesterday.

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