Tuesday, May 27, 2008

baby contest!

I've mentioned a million times here that I'm pregnant, and a few weeks ago posted a picture of my gigantic belly, so you might have guessed that I'm due soon. Lorne and I decided to copy Nate and Miranda's baby contest* idea. Lorne and I will get a child**, and one*** lucky guesser will win a fabulous prize!

Here is how it works: guess the day and time of Will's arrival. The closest to his actual debut will receive a fabulous prize (to be named later). Also guess a weight to serve as a tie-breaker. We'll stop taking entries on Friday at 4:30 (when my maternity leave starts!) or until labor begins (whichever comes first), and keep all guesses secret until then. Doesn't that sound like fun?

So, if you'd like a shot at a fabulous prize...
Send an e-mail to whenwillwillarrive@gmail.com (not a comment on this post) containing:
- Your guess at the date and time (to the nearest hour)
- Your guess at Will's weight (for tie-breaking purposes)

Here are some details to level the playing field:
- Will's due date is 6/8
- He's technically "full term" now, so if I went into labor now, they would not try to stop me
- If he doesn't arrive by two-weeks post-due date (6/22), they'll probably start to think seriously about inducing labor
- Will looked like this about 18 weeks ago, if that helps you somehow:

*If you already received an email from Lorney, this is the same contest.
**The prize is not a baby, unless there is a hidden twin in there.
***There is only one fabulous prize! GET OFF OUR BACKS, WE AREN'T MADE OF MONEY.

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