Sunday, May 18, 2008

Eight is Great

I made Lori a knit clutch almost a year ago (which you can see here, just in case you don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of everything I've ever made). She emailed me a few months ago to find out if I'd be able to make some of the smaller tote bags for her. Seven for her bridesmaids and one for her. I feel that this blog entry will be super picture-heavy.

I finished up with the last two bags today, and here they all are, lounging on the chaise in the baby's room. Lori gave me free reign to do pretty much whatever I wanted, though she did ask if I could make a few that were similar to ones she'd seen on the blog already (if you read the blog often, you may see some familiar-looking faces in the group shot above).

Here are closer-up shots of all the outers:

Blue/black dot tote and brown/teal flowery tote.

Blueish/greenish/orangeish paisley bag and light blue/brown dot bag.

Pink and black swirly bag and pink/brown geometric bag.

Rose bag and brown/cream flowery bag.

And here are some shots that show some of the innards:

Innards of the light blue w/brown dots bag and blueish/greenish paisley looking bag.

Innards of the pink/brown geometric bag and the brown flowery bag.

Innards of the brown/teal bag and the blue/black dot bag.

Innards of the pink swirly bag and the rose bag.

I hope Lori and her bridesmaids like them all!


Melissa's blog collection said...

I recognize that pink/brown geometric one!

Grant said...

These are great!! I really dig the inside of the polka-dot one. Also, I wanted to say that you've been doing a great job with the photography! does your new place have better lighting?

noisy penguin said...

Ha! Lorne took these pictures, that's probably why they're better. But we have a new camera and the lighting is better, and I've been attempting to take more pictures during the day with natural light. Sometimes I get too impatient and do it at 11 at night though, and those pictures aren't as terrible as they used to be.