Tuesday, April 22, 2008

deja vu all over again

Melissa (a different Melissa than the one from this post) emailed me awhile ago and asked if I could make her a smaller version of the big birdie tote I made for myself awhile ago.

The original plan for this was to make it pretty much exactly the same as my bag, but you know, smaller. Unfortunately, the birds on the fabric are a little too big to use for a cut out on the smaller bag, so I cut out a smaller bird.

I like the red and pink together on the fabric, and I liked the idea of using red vinyl to bring out the red on the fabric. So that's what I did.

The innards are the same as my bag (minus my overly floppy pocket).

I have to say, while I love the color of this vinyl, I absolutely hate working with it. It's the same brand and weight as a few of the other colors I use, and yet all the other colors are much easier to work with. This one is just a pain in the butt. It sticks when I try to sew it, it sticks when Dr. Lorney turns the straps right-side-out (have I mentioned that Lorne turns all my straps for me? Lorne rules), and my pins get stuck in it. I've injured myself working on it multiple times, I break sewing needles on it...it's just bad news. This bag (and another I finished tonight) signifies the end of my supply of this vinyl. I found another brand in a similar color, and I'm hoping it doesn't give me nearly as much trouble. Fare thee well evil vinyl. You are pretty, but cursed - much like Jean Grey in X-Men 3.

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Melissa meese said...

thanks so much, i absolutely love it!