Wednesday, July 23, 2008

more nursery stuff

Lorne and I bought this rocking chair from an Etsy seller. In keeping with the loose theme of Will's nursery - sports and teams that Lorne and I like - we decided to make it a Husky rocking chair.

Lorne drew the University of Washington's logo W on the seat, and I painted it. Well, I still need to paint the bottom of this and go over the edges of the W so they're more smooth, but who knows when I'll get around to that. =) The purple is a little more purpley and a little less blue looking in real life.

While we both went to UW for our bachelor's degrees, we won't force Will to go there. We'll just force him to watch the Huskies play football for the next 18 years. Hopefully they won't be as terrible as they have been for the last few years.

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