Monday, February 18, 2008

Emily Jo's bag

Emily Jo emailed me and told me she liked the bag I made for Megan and asked if I could make one in pink and black. I apologize for the short post, but it's late and I spent most of the day cutting things out and sewing them in an attempt to 1) build stock for PenguinBot and 2) update my blog more often. As a result, I am tired.

Also, because it is late and I have no natural daylight, the pictures aren't great. I didn't want to wait though, because after work tomorrow we're going to see Greg Mortenson (author of Three Cups of Tea), and by the time that's done, there will again be no daylight.

I originally bought the polka dot fabric to make a sun dress for myself, but seeing as how I'm pregnant and have no idea when I'll be back down to a size where I'd be interested in wearing a sun dress (let alone making one), I decided to make bags out of it. There are more bags using it forthcoming. I can always buy more fabric when I get around to making a dress.

Emily Jo said she didn't care what shade of pink I used, she just asked that the fabric not be too busy. Considering my history of using busy fabrics, I was glad she let me know. I probably would have used something with crazy flowers and polka dots and stripes all combined. I hope she likes it.

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Emily said...

yay!!!! i got it today and i LOVE it!!! thank you so much~!