Monday, October 09, 2006


I've been a knitting fiend since my last post. I made a little baby hat for Eden (Lorne's cousin's daughter, who just turned one and is adorable) but I failed to take a picture of it before giving it to her for her birthday. Here are some other things I've been working on though.

Big Red:
I finally have a better picture of the big red purse. You can see the knit pattern a little better in this one.
big red sewn up
Outside of purse.

big red's innards
Purse innards.

I love the fabric I found for the lining. I want to make more things that are red and orange just so I can use more of it. Anyway, all that's left for this one is to attach some handles and some sort of closure for the top (if it needs it).

Less Big Blue:
I knit a chunk of fabric up in this pretty blue/teal color with some parallelograms on it. Guess what it will be? Surprise, another purse. I can't decide whether to line it with stripey pink fabric or stripey blue fabric. I also made this one a little smaller than the red one.
blue paralellograms
Beginnings of blue parallelogram purse.

Baby Blanket:
baby blanket
I have the border completed! And a few rows of the center.

close up baby blanket
Close up of blanket.

I still can't get a good picture of the yarn color. It's a really soft buttery yellow...pretty much nothing like what it looks like in the pictures.

Sleeve one is almost complete!

Lying flat.

close up of sleeve
Up close.

me and sleeve
On a weird looking lady.

I hear the pointy-sticks-coming-out-of-your-arm look is in this fall.

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