Thursday, September 28, 2006

things I am working on

Thing 1:
Our friends Michael and Megan are going to have a baby. Well, Megan will give birth to the baby, but they will both be in possession of the baby after it is born. I like Michael and Megan a lot and I suspect I will like their baby a lot as well, so I am making them a baby blanket. Specifically, I am making the "Big Bad Baby Blanket" from the Stitch N Bitch book. They don't know the sex of the baby and I am too slow a knitter to wait around for that sort of information, so I chose a neutral buttery yellow colored yarn. Here are some poor quality pictures for you!

Here are the first 10 rows or so. I have more than that now, but I am too lazy to take another picture.

Here is the ball of yarn I am making it from. As you can see, it is bigger than my head!

Thing 2:
This is the first purse I have attempted to make. I made up a shape I thought would look neat and drew a "pattern" on some wax paper I had in the kitchen, cut it out, and went at it. I put a layer of felt between the outer and inner fabric because the interfacing I had didn't feel sturdy enough. I still need to attach the other handle, but after that it will be done.

This is the front of the purse (or the back...they're identical). I sewed the ribbon on there and attached the handle with the ribbon as well.

This is the inside of the purse. I found the awesome old-timey map fabric remnant at Joann Fabrics for $2.

I may have been a little ambitious for my first purse...not using a pattern...attaching the handles with weird pieces of ribbon...and many other things that resulted in my ripping out a lot of seams and re-sewing them, but I learned a lot (I think) and it actually looks pretty cool (I think...if you don't think so, please keep your opinions to yourself so I can continue thinking that I am awesome).

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